Life Cycle Analysis in Vertical Farming

Students of Wageningen University (NL) develop framework and tool for Life Cycle Analysis in Vertical Farming
Live webstream on Thursday, July 5, 13:30 – 14:30 CET
Sustainability is at the heart of vertical farming. It is therefore crucial that we are able to validate our sustainability claims to third parties, but also to push ourselves to further improve our sustainability performance across the board. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is the global standard by which sustainability can be measured.
It is for this reason that the AVF has asked students of the Wageningen University (Netherlands) to develop a LCA framework for Vertical Farming.
Additional to the framework they have also developed the first version of a software tool. The  tool can be used by producers to measure and improve their own performance concerning energy efficiency and carbon footprint. The tool should be as user-friendly as possible, using data that is already available.  It is developed in a way that gives producers full control and ownership of their data. By sharing data anonymously, producers can subsequently help the AVF to convince policymakers and other stakeholders to acknowledge the benefits of vertical farming and give further support.
You are invited to follow the live webstream of the research presentation through this link:

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