Meet AVF’s New Member, ROKO Farming, at VertiFarm!

We are delighted to be welcoming ROKO Farming to the AVF as a new member!

Introduction from ROKO Farming:

ROKO Farming is an engineering based vertical farming company with the vision to accelerate the vertical farming processes to benefit from the potential as a community. They have developed a unique research module called Xfactory. The Xfactory is the world’s first “polyponics” module that enables anybody to test specific environmental factors and irrigation methods in one system without any technical hardware or software adaptations. The Xfactory is the best option for newcomers and beginners.

The XFactory enables never-before-seen possibilities. It is fully remote controllable and no additional software or hardware is required to run the module, and it enables entirely new dimensions of research for the best conditions for any crop. For example, multiple irrigation methods and light spectra and brightness can be set in parallel, in between or in sequence within one growing run. Even the modification of the irrigation intraday is possible. Many more measuring and control features can be implemented on request.

ROKO Farmings goal in the next two years is to equip every serious research organization, including universities and others, with one or even more xFactories to accelerate and improve research.

ROKO Farming is currently looking for first trial customers of the xFactory.

Get the know ROKO Farming at the VertiFarm Trade Fair on 27-29th September!