Welcome vGreens – your strawberry farm!

A start-up in vertical farming based in Germany aiming to cover 5% of the world’s strawberry production by 2030. With a revolutionary growing solution for strawberries, vGreens makes growing strawberries commercially viable for everyone delivering vertical farming in the box for strawberries. vGreens farms automatically produce strawberries on demand. The yield is adjustable to the local demand within 30 days. The solution includes an automated system for strawberry cultivation and guarantees continuous quality and yield prediction. 

vGreens customers are farmers, producers, wholesalers, and retailers tackling three major challenges in vertical farming:

  • Automated strawberry harvest (less labor)
  • On-demand production (less food waste)
  • Energy consumption responds to peak loads (reduces energy costs)

To achieve future goals, vGreens is looking for partnerships for:

  • Custom light design for 2023
  • HVAC solutions
  • Research discussions and knowledge exchange