Welcome BlueBite!

We are really pleased to be welcoming BlueBite GmbH, a Norway-based company providing sustainable cloud computing services.


Introduction from Conor David, CEO and Co-founder of BlueBite GmbH:

We are a 5 year old company building and offering sustainable cloud computing solutions in Norway, where we focus on the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Crypto-Currencies. We are strong believers in working in the most sustainable way possible. 

Besides using 100% renewable hydro power, each data center we build has different additional projects clustered around it. Here we reuse the energy a second time in some form to catalyze economic growth for the local community. For example, we are currently setting up a data center project together with a partner where excess heat is captured and fed from the datacenter into the communal heating system, thus saving costs and reducing the CO2 footprint of the district heating system. 

At our second data center, we are interested in aligning ourselves with a similarly minded partner or set of partners to perform Indoor farming. As cloud computing specialists, we want to focus on our business but also want to offer the advantages that can be leveraged by working with us to a partner that understands indoor farming, thus bringing local sustainable produce to the local market. 

As part of this project, we can offer the following stand out elements which should help make the venture a very attractive proposition: 

  1. Extremely low power pricing
  2. Almost free heating
  3. Year round cool temperature to cool things like LED lighting
  4. Suitable space
  5. Land upon which one could possible build a new indoor farm, rent free for the first few years
  6. Access to fresh, clean flowing water directly from the local mountain lake