Pollinators for Indoor Farms 🐝

Welcome to our new member Buzzup!

Buzzup is an innovative startup founded in 2017 in Faenza, Italy, to monitor and optimize pollination, to respond to the need to increase field yields, improve product quality and diversify crops in indoor farming. For this purpose, the company uses IoT sensors and complex AI algorithms to interpret the information collected and transform it into concrete advice to support farmers or food producers to obtain the maximum profit from pollination. In addition to precision pollination, their hardware and software system monitors the health of various pollinating insects at all times, including honey bees, bumblebees, or mason bees. This makes the use of Buzzups’ technologies an ethical and cruelty-free choice.
Precision pollination is a market in which Buzzup distinguishes itself by the accessibility of its devices from an economic point of view, by the research and customized strategies that they ensure for each customer, and by our focus on multiple species of pollinating insects, including those that can be used in vertical farming and greenhouses. Buzzups’ main short-term plans are to become the first pollination experts in vertical farms and greenhouses and to increase our presence in the US market. “We see our association with the AVF network as an essential step for our specialization in this field, as well as an opportunity to find the right partners to finance a pilot test for the pollination of strawberries- and any other crops of interest to potential partners – in an experimental vertical farm and greenhouse for a research project with the Wageningen University.”