Wivid is planning to expand futher in the Vertical Farming market

Originating from the Nordics, Wivid understands the unique challenges of growing in areas with little natural light and strongly focuses on developing solutions to help growers overcome these challenges. 

“We are expanding our business into vertical farming and provide energy-efficient solutions specifically designed for the horticultural sector.” Sais Erik Wikstrom CEO of Wivid, a lighting product company from Sweden. 

Wivid’s product uniqueness lies in a special coating to protect the lights from external influences like moisture, making them more affordable.  Already supplying lights to three of the four biggest greenhouses in Sweden, Wivid has a strong foothold in the market and will continue to grow its business. “We see the potential for supplying lights to more large-scale operations in the industry, both in Sweden and in other areas such as retail.” Wivid’s goal is to continue to expand its business in the vertical farming space and to supply lights to more large-scale operations in the industry.

For future projects, Wivid is looking for collaborators in the vertical farming space who support achieving their expansion goal. They are interested in working with large-scale operations and companies that specialize in technology solutions for vertical farming. “We are looking for partners who share our values of energy efficiency and affordability in the market. We believe that by working with like-minded partners, we can continue to develop innovative solutions that can help growers succeed.”