Green Tower Hong Kong | A competition for multifunctional skyscraper

All participants are highly encouraged to search for universal ideas that could be also implemented in other cities. Look for concepts that can be beneficial in many different locations and rethink how contemporary high-rise buildings are supposed to look, work and influence modern cities and their inhabitants.

For many years people have perceived the world in a linear manner. They wondered what’s behind the horizon and followed their desires of land conquering until they clashed with someone else’s idea to do the same. 

As the borders fluctuated, some areas appeared to be more desirable than others and the architecture had to maneuver its way to stack up growing masses. And while our imagination started to shoot up towards the sky, we sometimes seemed to have lost our way creating crammed, confined spaces that were more similar to coffins than areas where one would like to live. Thankfully, there is a better solution on the horizon (how ironic!) as skillful, innovative and clever designs are navigating towards sustainable urban spaces that combine the best of compact, practical planning with agri-tecture.

Hong Kong and its challenges

Hong Kong is one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the world. Some view it as a skyscraper heaven full of lavish lifestyle, whereas some notice obstacles related to living in such high density. And while the city is still viewed as one of the wealthiest in the world, it faces a number of challenges.

Hong Kong’s most pressing issues are overpopulation, housing crisis, air and water pollution, and a lack of sufficient food and energy supply, especially due to the fact that its economy was severely damaged by the pandemic.

Geographically, Hong Kong consists largely of steep hillsides. Since traditional farming requires a large amount of land the local production is only able to complement the imported foods to meet the consumption needs. And because import intensifies the existing issues (cost of living and pollution) there is a growing demand for innovative and sustainable solutions that can help the city meet the needs of its residents.

Design challenge 

This architecture competition is exclusively for architecture students and young architects, and seeks to design a pioneering, self-sufficient residential skyscraper that utilizes the idea of vertical farming and addresses the challenges that Hong Kong faces nowadays. The designed building should provide a unique and cutting-edge living experience for its residents, fulfilling all the needs of modern societies and include innovative solutions to the challenges of urban agriculture and sustainable living. It should be a visually striking and memorable building, with a strong connection to the surrounding city and a sense of place.