Interested in growing more than leafy greens? Check out our new member, Grow-tec from Israel!

Powering CEA yields

Grow-tec is a company established in 2004 specializing in high-yield indoor Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). The company has 2 lines of business:
1. Technologies for cultivation and drying/curing of high-quality cannabis
2. Technologies for ultra-high yield indoor vertical farming of fruity vegetables

Grow-tec’s technology enables indoor cultivation of fruity vegetables (tomatoes and cucumbers) at yields per area unit that is 10 times and higher than the most advanced alternatives. It enables the cultivation of vegetables anywhere, at any time, year round, independent of climate, season or environmental constraints and at the minimum consumption of resources (for example water consumption is more than 95% lower than open field farming). Grow-tec’s approach is to focus on the cultivation of fruity vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) alongside leafy greens at extremely high yields and with affordable and profitable economics. Most other vertical farming companies focus on leafy greens only and struggle to prove the economic viability of their models.

Source: Grow-tec; Cucumber and tomato production in indoor farming system.

Grow-tec’s technology is particularly relevant for geographies that are currently agriculturally challenged. It could enable those countries (e.g. in the Arabian peninsula or Singapore) achieve food security and agricultural independence.  Their goal is to make indoor vertical farming of vegetables a viable economic alternative to greenhouses anywhere in the world

Grow-tec is looking for growers who desire to grow tomatoes and cucumbers indoors in places where it is currently challenging to do so in alternative methods year round. Furthermore, looking for automation / robotics partners to help fully automate our facilities as well as genetics companies for cooperation on developing the varieties that would provide the highest value in this unique way of growing.