Free Access to our Public Webinars from Annual General Meeting Day

On 29th January 2021, AVF members convened at the Annual General Meeting to review 2020 and plans for the year ahead. The day also consisted of roundtable talks and presentations from members about their innovations and businesses in the form of two public webinars.

You can access the webinars for free here!


AVF Roundtable: Vertical Farming Startups' Challenges, Solutions & Opportunities in the Time of COVID-19


Mark E. Zahran, YASAI

Dominik Feiden, Organifarms

Ralph Becker, Urban Greens



Christine Zimmermann-Loessl

Dominik Feiden is the Co-founder and CEO of Organifarms. He is studying Sociology, Politics, and Economics at the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen. With his motivation of contributing to a sustainable future, he started developing solutions for sustainable agriculture. As Vertical Farming provides many solutions for the problems agricultural practices are facing due to the excessive use of resources, climate change, and population growth, he asked himself: what is holding it back? Vertical farming holds high potentials but also needs to be profitable to sustain itself in the current food system. Organifarms is therefore developing automation technology for vertical farming, to make it more profitable and scalable. Together we want to shape the agricultural future of our planet

Mark E. Zahran, Founder & CEO of YASAI, studied Architecture at ETH Zurich and created a master thesis answering the question: „How to integrate Vertical Farming within the Swiss landscape.“ The answer was a design for the largest Vertical Farm of the World. Out of this thesis a Spin-Off was born called YASAI ( Why is an architect becoming a Vertical Farmer within the 21st century? Well, architects are masters of space, the human activity which requires the most land by far, is agriculture with 40%, all metropolitan areas in comparison just amount to 3%. If we aim to survive as a species on this planet, we need to start to create sustainable, self-sustaining & resilient habitats with a smaller footprint on our planet. This is why Mark
dedicated himself to Vertical Farming three years ago after reading the book of Dr. Dickson Despommier.


AVF Focus on Leading Vertical Farming Innovations


Luis Trujillo, Hoogendoorn

Michael Meierhöfer, IFCO

Tom Debusschere, Urban Crop Solutions

Marc Juarez, Seoul Semiconductor

Kirill Zelenski, iFarm

Emil Breza, AgricUltra

Rebecca Nordin, Heliospectra

Kerem Bozkurt, Farminova

Bhaskar Rao & Hatim Morbiwala, VeggiTech

Francis Njuakom, CDVTA



Dr. Joel Cuello

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