AVF Partners with GRAIN International: A Strategic Alliance in Agri-Tech


By Association for Vertical Farming e.V., Munich, Germany

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is pleased to announce a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GRAIN International Private Limited, a renowned Ag-Biotech company headquartered in Singapore. This partnership symbolizes a major step forward in our ongoing efforts to promote sustainable and innovative agricultural practices globally.

GRAIN International brings its considerable expertise in Ag-Biotech to this collaboration, joining forces with AVF to enhance the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) model. This agreement focuses on advancing CEA, crop protection, biosecurity, and biodiversity, signalling a new phase in sustainable farming practices and technological advancements.

Initiatives such as Joint Certification Programs, designed to develop comprehensive courses in CEA, crop protection, and biodiversity, are central to the MoU. Our Sustainable Indoor Farm (SIF) Certification is also being established to set new benchmarks in sustainable farming for the Asia Pacific region.

Furthermore, AVF and GRAIN are committed to establishing Innovation Centers in India to promote research and development in CEA. These centres are expected to become key sites for applying new technologies in agriculture.

Through this partnership, AVF will support GRAIN’s expansion in the Asia Pacific, endorsing them as the primary representative in the region. This collaboration benefits both organizations and positions them as preferred partners in future agricultural endeavours.

Christine Zimmermann-Loessl from AVF and Dr Mandar Godge from GRAIN, both esteemed leaders in their fields, are overseeing the MoU. Their guidance is instrumental in steering this agreement towards success.

AVF and GRAIN prioritize confidentiality and respect for intellectual property rights, ensuring a secure and forward-thinking environment for innovation.

This partnership between AVF and GRAIN International is an important development for both organizations and the global indoor/vertical farming industry at large. It exemplifies our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and technological innovation in the field. This MoU is anticipated to enhance consumer confidence in products grown under these advanced and sustainable methods, highlighting the vital role of the Vertical Farming industry in promoting sustainable food production locally and globally.

For more information on our collaboration with GRAIN International and future projects, please contact:

Christine Zimmermann-Loessl at czl@vertical-farming.net

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