Welcome Crop Convergence!

“We are working with growers and digital tool providers to enhance yield, sustainability, and profitability in the indoor farming space. If you are collecting environment and management data on your farm and want to enhance your decision-making, we want to partner with you.”
Kendra Armstrong, Co-Founder and CEO at Crop Convergence

Crop Convergence is a solutions-driven company that is focused on providing growers with the best decision-making tools to support sustainable and profitable farm operations.  They leverage partner and customer data to gain valuable insights that lead to actionable outcomes and measurable results.

Crop Convergence provides a decision-tool suite that utilizes on-farm data to identify each farm’s best combination of genetics, environment, and management. The StartUp also works with growers to understand how each component of their growing operations affects yield and product quality to maximize efficiency and profitability.

The offering is unique in three ways.

  1. A hybrid modelling system integrates crop physiology and machine learning.
  2. Deploy a streamlined platform with descriptive (define), predictive (define), and prescriptive (define) capabilities.  Combining these features lets the team remove the black box from yield prediction and lets farmers understand their farming outcomes’ how, why, when, and where.
  3. And perhaps most importantly, Crop Convergence delivers all of this in a way that doesn’t place additional burdens on their customers in the form of additional equipment or high CapEx requirements. The client uses the data they already have to enhance their productivity.

Crop Convergence is entering the market with tools for greenhouse production.  However, their solutions can empower growers across various crops, and the team has designed tools for many cropping systems, including other vegetables, fruits, and row crops.

Crop Convergences’ mission is to become a leading indoor and outdoor farmers’ decision support tool provider. We are partnering with established data collection platforms, building tools alongside our partners and customers that meet their changing needs while further validating new uses for our technology.