Introducing Flextech!

The AVF is proud to welcome Flextech as a new member. Flextech provide LED grow lights for indoor farms. Originally founded in China where they still manufacture, they now supply customers internationally.

Flextech told the AVF:

Flextech is a grow solution company mainly focus on grow lighting.


We have an international team of professionals with a combined experience of 10+ years in the semiconductor and horticultural lighting industry. The company was founded in China and manufactures in both China and Malaysia.


The team is present throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. We strive to deliver balanced lighting solutions to maximize yield at minimum CAPEX and OPEX. We also understand the dynamics of the industry and are continually researching horticultural applications with leading universities and technological partners around the world to stay one step ahead with product development.


In order to deliver high-quality cutting-edge products, we partner with well- known semiconductor and SMPS suppliers, which gives us the ability to provide 5 years full warranty.

Our Mission is to improve yields regardless of the weather forecast and strive to change how food is traditionally grown.

You can learn more about or get in touch with Flextech via their website: