Light is our DNA! Green engineering is our passion! FUTURELED is your system provider for all green engineering applications and specific solutions in life sciences. The unifying element of our portfolio is LED lighting, which we offer as a platform solution for horticulture, science and industry. 

Our portfolio ranges from LED high-performance lighting systems to scientific instrumentation with highly specific applications of autotrophic organisms. From turnkey systems to customized solutions, FUTURELED is the first green machinery manufacturer to realize the solutions that meet your requirements.

With more than 10 years of experience in the development of LED-based lighting systems, FUTURELED was able to make the breakthrough of water-cooled LED lighting and today offers you solutions in all areas of plant growth with comprehensive plant know-how. Our holistic engineering services combine all growth factors into one system and integrate all biosystems.

By using our unique sunlight spectrum, any type of plant can be cultivated for any application. Driven by the power of innovation, we see light as one of the decisive factors in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by increasing the dimensions and efficiency of modern farming systems such as vertical farming.

With our market-proven C.U.B.E. cultivation system, based on modular and independent container units, FUTURELED ensures maximum utilization of the cultivated area while increasing productivity and reducing operational costs. Our vision is to bring technology in line with renewable energy for conversion to plant-based food and biogenic feedstocks.

FUTURELEDs automation solutions are the key to accuracy and precision, which are necessary to achieve new standards in industry and science that will support your sustained success.