Welcome at AVF Gold Leaf Technologies!

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF), North America Chapter, is excited to announce one of our newest members to join, Gold Leaf Technologies. Already an active member, Gold Leaf’s CEO Trevor Golding is speaking at our roundtable on November 10th, introducing us to technology in the industry and future trends. Gold Leaf Technologies Inc. is a Canadian ag-tech company that specializes in consulting, equipment, and lighting to help growers be more efficient and consistent. Servicing Canada from their headquarters in Ottawa, the team takes pride in what they do with a professional approach and outstanding customer service. They provide guidance and step-by-step professional consulting to help their clients achieve their goals. They are committed to understanding client needs; They will work with clients to build a custom solution for their business.

Gold Leaf Technologies sells LED lighting, automation, sensor-based technology, and innovative ag-tech technologies and equipment to greenhouses, vertical farms, and research facilities.  When clients partner with Gold Leaf, they become part of their team. Clients will benefit from more than 50 years of experience and the strong relationships they have built within the Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) industry. 

Gold Leaf will make an excellent partner with AVF as they are interested in collaborating with companies that have complementary product offerings (racking, HVAC, water flow systems).  Gold Leaf is looking for tradespeople, IPM companies, seed and grow media suppliers, fertilizer companies, and growers interested in running trials in their vertical farms. They are also interested in collaborating on research projects and providing growth chambers and related equipment to universities and other academic institutions. Gold Leaf will help advance AVF’s mission to bring together all stakeholders within the Vertical Farming industry globally. 

When Gold Leaf Technologies isn’t developing customized greenhouse plans, designing vertical farms, providing solutions for CEA grower challenges, and helping farmers grow more efficiently, they are busy helping their clients and partners build relationships that strengthen their business. They are also proud to have helped clients save over $900,000 by securing provincial rebates across Canada, ensuring that when working with them, clients are not only growing efficiently but spending efficiently!

Technology creates greater efficiency for growers, and Gold Leaf Technology sees that trend continuing in the industry. They are currently conducting several CEA projects across Canada, from British Columbia, Alberta, to Ontario and Quebec. They are committed to growth – pun intended! Gold Leaf Technology wants to continue to grow its team and product offering. They are currently working on a biostimulant alternative fertilizer that helps grow robust fruit and vegetables with faster and higher crop yields and reduces reliance on traditional fertilizers. Their goal is to advance this solution to the market in 2023.

Gold Leaf Technologies is run by CEO, Trevor Golding, a leader and entrepreneur at heart with a passion for business. Most days, you’ll find him deeply engaged with customers, discussing innovative ag-tech solutions while keeping value and customer ROI in mind. 

We at AVF North America are excited to have Gold Leaf on board and can’t wait to see what they take on next!