GyroPlant offers sustainable substrate solutions for indoor growing

GyroPlant is an R&D-led company on a mission to make indoor farming sustainable by tackling the problems arising from single-use substrates with the vision is to design the most farm- and planet-centered technology for indoor growing. 

Their Innovation GyroCup enables the growth of clean, quality, and sustainable plants for CEA and hydroponic greenhouses. Its simple silicone rubber design enables the growth of plants without the use of traditional single-use substrates. Instead, it requires just a small amount of water-based gel, a fraction of the cost of common substrates, and presents a range of other benefits. Their product can be used in most hydroponic technologies. 

GyroPlant continues to help hydroponic farming flourish with our technology. Their goal is to enable farms to be resilient and reduce the dependency on substrates and their supply chains.  The GyroCup became commercially available in 2023 and is already trialing in over 65 tech companies in 23 countries, customers are growing, including space food tech, carbon capture, CEA technology companies, and growers, as well as home hydroponic systems.  

Gyroplant is looking forward to collaborate with growers, CEA, and hydroponic greenhouse technology providers.