Canobi AgTech partners with HarvestAi for Machine Learning Harvest Prediction Research

Canobi AgTech, a leader in indoor farming technologies, is announced a new research and development partnership with HarvestAi who are developing a sophisticated forecasting model for indoor farms using machine learning and computer vision to predict harvest date and yield.

HarvestAi will be conducting research remotely in the Canobi AgTech in-house lab, using a strawberry crop to test the ability of their machine-learning algorithms to predict plant growth and harvest yield. “We’re confident will be able to conduct this experiment in the best possible conditions,” says lead researcher Alexandre Sicard. “Our fully climate-controlled and monitored lab is the ideal setup for this kind of research and development of new products. The scientists at HarvestAi can log into a Canobi dashboard 24/7 to monitor the crops we’re growing for them,” explains Canobi AgTech CEO Robin Vincent. “And then future versions of the Canobi platform will include the HarvestAi crop prediction module.”

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and computer vision are the next frontier of automation in Controlled Environment Agriculture. “As climate change continues to threaten global food security, we need to develop technologies that will enable us to grow crops more predictably and efficiently indoors. Our artificial intelligence-based harvest prediction technology will enable indoor farmers to leverage their greenhouse data for a sustainable and profitable yield,” says George Caspary, founder and CEO of HarvestAi. Canobi AgTech is excited to partner with HarvestAi in developing cutting-edge technologies for indoor farming.

About HarvestAi
Founded by MIT alumnus Georg Caspary in 2020, HarvestAi is developing a sophisticated model to predict harvest dates and yields for indoor farms based on machine learning and computer vision. HarvestAi is already working with pilot farms in Germany and Canada and operates its own test greenhouse in the Netherlands. Their goal is to provide highly accurate forecasts 14 days before the harvest date so farmers can make better decisions and operate more efficiently.

Clemens Moeller

About Canobi AgTech
Maxville-based Canobi AgTech is the brainchild of indoor farming visionary Robin Vincent. Food security, mitigating the impacts of climate change, and commercial agriculture sustainability is at the core of Canobi’s mission to empower local indoor farming. Canobi’s AGRP (Agricultural Resource PlanningTM) platform integrates monitoring and automation technology with powerful business planning tools to streamline indoor farming operations.

Janice Wright