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Paul Gauthier is Proving the Potential of Vertical Farming for an Urban Future

AVF announces Paul Gauthier, Associate Research Scholar, Department of Geosciences and the Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton University, as Keynote Speaker at Urban Future Global Conference

Paul Gauthier is a globally-recognised thought leader in the world of vertical farming. In 2017, he launched the Princeton Vertical Farming Project (PVFP), a hub of research activity into the technologies and science of indoor growing. Partnering with local farms and schools, he has created a network in which this research can be applied to directly benefit local communities.

According to the Princeton Environmental Institute, the goals of PVFP are to, “prove the feasibility of expanding vertical farming to former industrial buildings, study the social impacts of vertical farming on underserved communities, and better identify the energy and environmental costs of vertical farms.”

The project was awarded the 2018 Faculty Research Award for the period of 2018-2020. Find out more about PVFP here.

Paul Gauthier on the prospect of an “Urban Future.”

“For the past two years my work has focussed on studying the sustainability and feasibility of producing food in cities using Vertical Farming. My work studied the economics surrounding vertical farming and placed it in the context of Climate Change and future food security. My current work aims to study the adaptability of crop species to hydroponics and vertical set-up in the context of increasing yield and feeding a growing population. Placing food production in the context of countries’ energy independence and sovereignty helps understanding the upcoming challenges. My priorities are to give decision-makers sustainable options to feed the growing urban population with diverse and nutrient-rich fresh food by 2050.”

Unlocking the Potential of Indoor Farming in Cities of the Future

We can’t wait to hear Mr. Gauthier’s insights on indoor farming at Urban Future Global Conference. Expect to hear more announcements in the coming weeks about experts from across the globe who will speak, lead workshops and engage with the audience at Urban Future. We invite you to take this opportunity to join in the conversation and help grow the industry! If you would like to join us at Urban Future Global Conference, you can find tickets here: https://bit.ly/2JdzbZ4

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