DLG & AVF Partnership continues to bring Vertical Farming closer to conventional farmers

DLG – Open network and professional voice

DLG supports progress in the agricultural, agribusiness, and food sector worldwide through knowledge, quality, and technology transfer and contributes to safeguarding vital global resources sustainably. As an open, international network, DLG works with experts from all over the world to develop future-oriented solutions for the challenges faced by the sector. It organizes leading international fairs and events in the fields of crop cultivation, animal husbandry, agricultural and forestry technology, energy supply, and food technology. Its quality tests for foods and agricultural machinery, equipment, and farm inputs are international leaders in their fields. Through its professional work and its network of experts, DLG repeatedly provides fresh impulses for practitioners. In the course of the changing societal and political framework conditions (UN sustainability goals, EU Green Deal, etc.), sustainability in the production of plant-based products and alternative sources of protein is becoming increasingly important. For this reason, we offer event formats and exchange platforms within the value chain’s steps.


The DLG is connecting stakeholders of the conventional farming industry with its mandate to promote technical and scientific progress. Dedicated to projects and activities, the DLG sets standards and provides impulses for innovation and development. The DLG operates internationally, sharing knowledge and expertise worldwide with leading international practitioners, experts, and other specialist organizations. Uniting forces with the AVF will enable knowledge and expertise access to conventional farmers. Even if the new cultivation methods cannot replace classical agriculture: Closed agricultural systems offer ideas and solutions for the urgent issues of the present that cannot be put off. The future farmer must be able to both produce in the open and use the new production systems. The task of science is to close the gaps in implementation and that organizations like the DLG confront it. The development of energy-efficient technologies is an important field of research. And last but not least, finding a new variety of plants for vertical farming is also important. Such Innovations can be found at the Inhouse Farming Food&Feed Show.

Currently, most seasonal agricultural products can still be produced much more cost-effectively in a conventional greenhouse or the field. However, DLG knows farmers interested in closed cropping systems and want to turn vertical farming or insect farming into profitable business models. They must be involved in the further development and adaptation of technologies. A major hurdle along the way is the investment costs.