Q&A with Farm Anywhere!

We sat down with Gabriel Zarafonitis at GreenTech to learn about their highly efficient and precise manufacturing process. – A container tailored for any crop, any time, anywhere, and for everyone.

1. Who is Farmanywhere?
FarmAnywhere is a manufacturer and innovator in the field of agricultural equipment.

2. What is your technology, and who is it for?
Primarily, we build container farms. However, recently we’ve been developing and releasing our line of agricultural equipment for the traditional CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) market.

3. What is unique about your product and approach?
At FarmAnywhere, our unique value lies in our highly efficient and precise manufacturing process. This means we strategically avoid spending time and resources on reinventing existing technology. Instead, we integrate systems from leading technology providers worldwide into one cohesive solution. The result is a product that benefits the user – in this case, the farmer – by offering an easily diagnosable and expandable farming system. This system utilizes off-the-shelf parts, reducing the reliance on proprietary technology from a single provider. Doing so ensures farmers can access the best technologies without being locked into a single vendor’s ecosystem.

Source: Farmanywhere; whatever container is needed – tailored to any crop.

4. What is the potential of your technology going forward?

  1. Scalability: By using off-the-shelf parts in a modular system, farms can easily be expanded or reduced according to need. This flexibility is crucial for farmers who need to adjust to market demands quickly.
  2. Cost-effectiveness: This approach can potentially lead to cost savings, as farmers aren’t tied to proprietary systems that may require expensive specialized parts or maintenance services. Standardized, widely-available components are typically less expensive and easier to replace or repair.
  3. Innovation and Choice: By integrating the best technology from various providers, farmers can leverage the latest advances in CEA tech without being limited to the offerings of a single company. This promotes a dynamic and competitive market that drives innovation.
  4. Reliability and Support: With more common and widely-used parts and systems, farmers may have greater access to support and troubleshooting resources, further reducing downtime and loss.
  5. Adaptability: As technology evolves, this approach allows for easier upgrades and improvements to the existing system. Farmers can adapt their operations to take advantage of new technological advancements without overhauling their entire system.

In an industry that is quickly growing and evolving, these advantages make this approach very promising for the future of the CEA market.

5. What are your next goals?
Our future goals involve enhancing our manufacturing capabilities through investments in more advanced machinery and talent. We also plan to develop future product lines that adhere to the abovementioned principles. Our ultimate aim is to assist all farms worldwide, regardless of their specific type of cultivation. Additionally, we plan to make our manufacturing capabilities accessible to other Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) equipment providers by the end of the second quarter of this year.

Send an email to info@farmanywhere.ag for inquiries and collaborations.