Microgreens sprouting in Czech Republik – Welcome MoraviaLab!

MoraviaLab is a small company from the Czech Republic engaged in hydroponic vertical cultivation systems under artificial lighting. They develop, research, produce, and supply complex modular technological solutions for the vertical cultivation of herbs, microgreens, vegetables, and fruits. Moravialabs vertical hydroponic systems with automation and IoT elements copy the principles of Industry 4.0. and universal design. The products and services are developed and supported by the latest scientific research and studies and reflect the latest technological trends due to close cooperation with universities and research organizations from Czech Republic.


The companies main specialization is in the production and sale of customized design systems for growing microgreens. MoraviaLabs systems maximize production per unit area, have minimal requirements for operation, and contain automation elements. The main target group are companies of all sizes, institutions and schools (benefit to employees, business partners, ecological responsibility, school equipment for environmental education).


Source: MoraviaLab; microgreens growing cabinet

MoraviaLab is aiming to set up the concept of a new local self-sufficient sustainable form of food production with high nutritional value within their region and truly believes that their target group of customers can help to set up such a concept.  The main goal is to spread the idea of local self-sufficient sustainable form of vegetable production and “with each system we place to the customers, we feel that we are doing another step to the change. In the future we would like to grow from regional and national level to international.”

As the sector of vertical hydroponic cultivation of microgreens is kind of new sector in the Czech
Republic, research activities and cooperation with foreign partners are very important for MoraviaLab. They would like to establish partnership for research international projects and share experience and best practices.