Association for Vertical Farming Bolsters Leadership with New Executive Director and Director of Innovation for North America Chapter

Association for Vertical Farming Strengthens Leadership Team with Catherine Borelly as Executive Director and Timothy Robin Vincent as Director of Innovation for North America Chapter, Driving Advancements in Vertical Farming Industry

We are delighted to announce that Catherine Borelly, CPA, will be serving as the Executive Director of the Board for the North America Chapter of the Association for Vertical Farming. With extensive leadership experience, including her role as Chief Operations Officer at Canobi AgTech and executive positions in municipal and federal government organizations, Catherine brings valuable expertise in policy matters, research, and analysis. Her appointment comes as the North American Chapter undergoes further development to enhance member services. Christine Zimmermann-Lössl, Chair of the Association for Vertical Farming, expresses enthusiasm about Catherine’s appointment and expects exciting advancements in Canada and throughout North America.

“I’m so happy to be able to contribute to the Association for Vertical Farming by helping to develop the North American chapter. The AVF provides so many great opportunities and I’m looking forward to advancing the outstanding work that they do to promote the vertical farming industry,” says Catherine. 

The Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) is a leading global nonprofit organization dedicated to facilitating international exchange and cooperation to accelerate the development of the indoor/vertical farming industry. The AVF conducts research, published studies, offers training and educational resources to promote sustainable agricultural solutions through vertical farming, and provides financial and material support to research institutions for vertical farming projects. 

In June 2022, the AVF North America Chapter was established as a nonprofit organization in Canada, sharing the same mission as the AVF. Catherine will join Richard Gibson and Sadie Cricket on the board, strengthening the leadership team. Catherine looks forward to contributing to the AVF and furthering its exceptional work in promoting the vertical farming industry. 

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that Timothy Robin Vincent has assumed the role of Director of the Advisory Board for the North America Chapter of the Association for Vertical Farming and will also serve as the Director of Innovation on the Board of Directors. Robin brings extensive experience and innovation in indoor farming; with his technical expertise and vision for the future of vertical farming in a rapidly changing world, Robin will play a valuable role. 

Robin, as the CEO/CINNO of Canobi AgTech, believes that innovation in controlled-environment farming is key to building more resilience into the food supply chain. Collaborating with the AVF allows him to support programs that foster cooperation and crucial research, guiding vertical farming towards a sustainable future. With Robin leading the Advisory Board, his experience and skills will contribute to the effective operation of the leadership team.

“I founded Canobi AgTech to connect with indoor farmers and bring innovation to the industry. What better way to do that than to work with the AVF and help to put programs in place to support the cooperation and vital research that will take vertical farming where it needs to go: to a sustainable future,” says Robin. 

The AVF firmly believes that vertical farming currently enables access to fresh, safe, and sufficient food regardless of climate and location. In the face of overpopulation and significant planetary changes, vertical farming is considered an indispensable solution in global food production.