Welcome! Cross Technologies joins AVF with their brand Future Vertical Grow

We had a Q&A with Rogelio Lopez Alvarez, Founder & CEO of Cross Technologies

Who is FutureVerticalGrow?
FVG is a new venture I launched for growing and selling grain grass feed (sprouted grains) for livestock. FVG is focused on installing systems close to the livestock farmers. So, they can get the grass feed with a very small carbon footprint, avoiding long distances transportation from other factories.

What is your technology, and who is it for?
Our technology is a vertical germination system that grows 400 kilograms (sprouted grains) daily in a 36 square meters area—our system controls temperature, humidity, and water consumption, adding food safety to the final product. I have assembled an interdisciplinary team from five different areas to integrate an efficient and technically strong solution. 

What is unique about your product and approach?
Our grass feed (sprouted grains):

  • Contain over 24% protein vs. conventional 10-14% protein content from other nourishments.
  • Only require  ~1.8 liters of water to be produced. Vs. 300 liters of water* needed for conventional grass feeds (*according to UCDavis)
  • Our system isolates our germinated grass feed from environmental agents such as pollution, insects, and organic waste.
  • Our grass feed is produced using the latest digital inspection technology to inspect every grain that will be germinated.
  • The carbon footprint is close to the minimum since we install our systems in the livestock farmer’s ranch or very close to it.


What is the potential of your technology going forward?
With the global water scarcity projections rising, livestock farmers are facing big challenges in the next few years. Every new consumer is looking for protein options with less impact globally. So, if we can transmit the value of the “High-Protein-Grass-Feed-Low-Water-Consumption” to the farmers, they might switch to this new option, with the lowest water impact and the highest protein content with no chemicals added.

What are your next steps?
Develop a forage production network by installing our vertical system in regions that produce animal protein that face problems of intense drought.
To be the first company that develops certified sprouts from inspection and digital selection of the grains it uses. Guaranteeing sprouted grains safety and security

What are you looking for in the Vertical Farming space?
I am looking for collaboration partners in the CEA globally. We are thinking of opportunities that may be deployed in our region and maybe exchange experiences and technologies. Our Mexican economy brings great opportunities for every CEA company that might be looking to deploy its technology abroad.