Welcome to the AVF, Elevated Signals!

Elevated Signals is a global manufacturing execution system software created by a team and culture that accelerates sustainability, scalability, and customer success in the vertical farming industry. It is the next generation of manufacturing software for complex, sustainable, vertical farming facilities. Our platform digitally transforms factory inventory tracking, captures rich scientific and operational data to help optimize production, and delivers real-time supply chain information to finance teams, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

Elevated Signals has 3 pillars to their technology:

  • Customizable digital forms to capture and analyze critical aspects of production previously on paper and spreadsheets
  • Sensor data capture and automatic association with batches for real-time monitoring and historical analysis. Production performance benchmarking and optimization.
  • Granular and flexible workflow management for plant and non-plant inventory, with accurate reporting for financial systems.

Elevated Signals focuses on corporate value over time by underscoring business intelligence and artificial intelligence in the manufacturing software space. They offer a fully digital, out-of-the-box solution that is user-friendly yet versatile and robust enough to cater to even the most complex industries and unmet demands of finance teams. The secret to success lies in the dynamic synergy between an exceptional team and the organizational culture, both of which are deeply rooted in innovation and expertise within the vertical farming industry.

Climate change and other societal shifts are driving massive innovation. Having business intelligence, corporate social responsibility, and corporate value over time as the main objectives for our software, Elevated Signals will leverage anomaly detection, yield forecasting, environment monitoring and diagnostics, and prescriptive guidance based on reliable agronomic data.

Elevated Signals brings:

  • Automation and digitization of the vertical farming Industry.
  • Continuous development and optimization of software-specific features for vertical farms.
  • AI-supported yield prediction and forecasting, crop monitoring and compare optimization, environmental diagnostic features, and profitability prediction

to the Vertical Farming industry.

For more information, please get in touch with Daniel Wanis-Ruiz: daniel@elevatedsignals.com