Dexion – Where Plant Parenthood Meets Precision Manufacturing!

“We’re not farmers, but we are experts at designing, engineering and manufacturing storage solutions that optimise available space use.” Vasilică Turturică.

Dexions’ technology enables us to provide flexible and efficient solutions – from designing in 3D CAD to Finite Element Analysis and structural testing, ensuring robust and durable products for years to come. The production site can further refine our products with roll forming, laser cutting, CNC machining bending and robot welding.


The Dexion company (from the Ancient Greek meaning ‘Right’) was founded by Demetrius Comino. Comino developed the ‘Dexion Slotted-Angle’ (1947), which introduced the world to adjustable storage and would go on to blaze the trail for Dexion’s purpose-built pallet racking and shelving systems.  Today, Dexion is one of the world’s leading providers of warehouse logistics solutions. Since January 2018, Dexion has been a member of the Gonvarri Material Handling Group, including the leading industrial brands Constructor, Kasten, Stålteknik and Kredit.

With 6 production sites in Germany, Romania, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, we supply Dexions’ customers worldwide with tailor-made logistics solutions. From static racking to fully automated storage solutions, we provide our customers with complete warehouse solutions worldwide. We employ 1,300 people in Europe. We are also represented in Europe and large parts of the world, such as Africa, the Middle East, the USA and South America, with an extensive distribution network. No matter where you are, we are always close at hand as a global player.

Vasilică Turturică