International Plant Factory Symposium

The 2018 Shanghai International Indoor Plant Factory Symposium (June 12-14 2018) aims to bring together the world’s leading experts in indoor farming. The show features both attendees and exhibitors from global commercial cultivation enterprises, private research facilities, and universities in an exchange of ideas, innovations, and technologies.

Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and AEssense cooperate to organize from June 12th-14th topics on the present and future of plant factories, the need for research, the transformational power of Vertical Farming as well as its function in smart cities. It will also shed light on the Industrialization and Business Model of Plant Factories and the pressing challenge of power solutions. An exhibition of existing state of the art technology and tours of established sites in the area of Shanghai will round up the event.

AEssence is a new member of the AVF family and has its production and pilots in Shanghai, this will help AVF a lot to expand its network and work closely with the developments in China.


Among the keynote speakers, Dr. Dickson Despommier, Emeritus Professor at Columbia University and Honorary Board member at AVF, will discuss how tomorrow’s city will be self-sustaining. Christine Zimmerman-Loessl, AVF Chairwoman, will present the transforming power of vertical farming – global trends and local impacts.  Dr. Toyoki Kozai, President of Japan Plant Factory Association, will host a talk about the present and future of the plant factory with artificial lighting.

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