AVF Pavilion Round Table Discussions

GreenTech Amsterdam and the Association for Vertical Farming are partnering in organizing a dedicated Vertical Farming pavilion where all innovation, knowledge and technology in Vertical Farming comes together. The Vertical Farming pavilion will feature the AVF café with a superb programme of ’round table talks’ lead by international experts on

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Greenhouse Plant row Grow with LED Light Indoor Farm Agriculture Technology vertical farming

Onward and Upward with Farmers Cut

The origin story behind one of vertical farming’s innovators The vertical farming movement is pushed forward by visionary thinkers and enterprising personalities. But they do not necessarily have to be farmers or scientists; one of vertical farming’s greatest characteristics is its inclusivity. By opening the world’s biggest industry to people

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Certhon Innovation Centre

The brand new Innovation Centre of Certhon has been put into use. Two years of research preceded before the Innovation Centre, says Jeroen. “In addition to the successful indoor projects we have realized, research was done into the optimization of the technology of daylight-free cultivation. In the innovation centre, with eight

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Valoya LEDs & Innovators Conference 2018

Valoya will bring the industry experts into one room on June 13th at Greentech 2018 to talk about crop science and light, vertical farming and cannabis. The Crop Science and Light section will be kicked of with Valoya’s biologist, Ms.Stefanie Linzer, presenting the groundbreaking Speed Breeding technique that enables a double

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OSRAM acquires Fluence

– Osram acquires one of the world’s leading suppliers of smart grow lighting – US-based Fluence expands Osram’s portfolio of horticultural systems – Osram is pioneering the digital automation of smart farming solutions by combining intelligent lighting, sensors, and smart software Osram is taking the next step in its quest to

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EU budget for Agriculture: €10 billion

The new European Commission research program is going to have a €100 billion budget from which €10 billion is for food, agriculture, rural development and bioeconomy research. The commissioner for agriculture, Phil Hogan: “All of the various agri-tech projects we couldn’t support in the past have a chance to get funding now.”

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Is there a future for shipping container farms?

At first sight, farming in a used shipping container in a megacity parking lot might not look like a sustainable source of food. However many believe that there is a huge potential in this field of vertical farming and there are many startups introducing new designs for container farms, most

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almeria's plastic greenhouses

Reimagining Almeria’s Plastic Sea of Greenhouses

An industry in the spotlight It is easy to condemn the plastic sea of greenhouses in Almería, Spain as an environmental nightmare. The pressures are clear to see: a region that has around 30,000 hectares of land under cultivation (the majority of which is under plastic), is also the most

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A Conversation w/ Joel Cuello @ AVF Press

Last week we brought Joel L. Cuello, Ph.D. Professor of Biosystems Engineering at the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering in The University of Arizona to briefly talk about his most recent work in the Vertical Farming industry. Dr. Joel Cuello is a globally recognized expert in the engineering of sustainable biological

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